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I don't know how to convey depths of sadness but it's the only way I know how to put words how I feel about what has happened in our world as of late.  I typically don't watch the news because as a prolific empathic I feel more than I can bear when I open myself up to the violence in the world.  But this most recent act of violence is unavoidable and should be. So I feel sadness like I'm sinking in the water and can't reach the surface.  I feel a sadness in my chest that feels like someone is beating a drum on my flesh.  I feel a sadness in the back of my throat that feels like I want to scream but my neck is squeezed shut. And that doesn't touch the extent to which I want to dig with my bare hands into the ground and peel away the layers of earth to find a world where these things don't happen.

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