Oops I did it again...

...I said I would do something then didn't. *sigh*

I actually laughed out loud just now when I read my last blog post.  Take that new years resolutions! It's why I usually don't make them.  "Oops" could actually be the theme of my past week.  In the seven days I have done the following 1) forgotten to meet a friend for lunch, 2) forgotten to take a friend to the airport 3) missed two very important birthdays 4) left my keys in the car all night 5) forgotten a wedding gift for a wedding I attended 6) forgotten the diaper bag twice.  On a plus note, however, I made cookies for the friend I neglected to take to the airport and forgot them in the oven and burned them to smithereens!

All in a weeks work.

A couple things I did remember this week.  I remembered to: brush my teeth at least once each day,  throw my extra deodorant in my purse which came in handy the three times I left the house without putting any on, change the laundry whereby I didn't leave any loads of laundry in the wash for over 12 hours (this is almost earth-shatteringly impressive mind you), drink an entire cup of coffee before 10am every morning except Tuesday, and take off my make up after a night out...the next morning;)

So if anyone out there feels scatter brained or just a little off kilter you are in good company.  I look at this two ways.  Firstly, I have a nine month old and although some people are adept at navigating infancy and life, I am not and I can live with that.  I'll get my brain back when the kids go to school...maybe. Secondly, I'm inherently designed to make other people feel good about themselves.  For a time in my life this meant that I had some very useful things to say to people, for this time in my life it means that I have a soap-opera-like effect on people around me providing an opportunity to reflect and say, "well, at least I'm not that lady."

Peace out!


  1. I'm flashbacking 15 years, sitting in Jedd's dorm room and hearing seminary-Sara saying, "Dude, at least I'm not that lady." Of course I chuckle, knowing that you wouldn't want to be anyone else, and not wanting you to be ^_^

  2. HA! So true. Never mind that at the time I was actually living in Jedd's dorm room in order to avoid homelessness...sigh...at least some things change for the better


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