My daughter is not what I would call a "champion sleeper." At some point between 1AM and 5AM we hear the pitter patter of tiny footsteps as she makes her way to our room.  She usually crawls in with us where she remains until morning.  Occasionally I wake up and put her back in her room but most nights I don't even realize she's made the transition until I wake up with her feet in my face.

The only real down side to this process is that I tend to be the one who winds up with the least amount of space in the bed.  Aasta somehow manages to either rotate so she is perpendicular to Mike and I or nuzzles up against me pushing me ever closer to the end of the bed.  As a result, I end up sleeping on my left arm to keep it from dangling off the bed.

Needless to say this isn't tenable over the long term.

Solution?  Buy a bigger bed.

So we did.

Our King arrived a few days ago and wouldn't you know it,  since then Aasta has decided to sleep through the night in her own bed...   *sigh*


  1. Does Trygve join in as well? He potentially takes up the space of two Saras, three Aastas, or a Mike and a half. On the bright side, with a king-sized bed and Aasta staying in her own, you might actually be able to up your snooze quotient to as much as four hours a night!

  2. This is awesome. Best ever.

    Also, maybe she has more trouble climbing in new bed or finds it less cozy than the one I now sleep in. So, there. Don't tell her where the old bed is.

  3. Love this. I wonder what Anna would start doing if I bought a new car...


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