Stand Up Paddle Boarding

I have wanted to try stand up paddle boarding for a couple years and finally had the opportunity to test my sea legs thanks to Rob at Silver Creek Paddle and Company !  I'm officially addicted.  While my father-in-law was in town we decided to rent a couple boards and explore Long Lake.  
We started out on our knees then eventually moved to standing.  This is after about two hours on the water.  My feet were getting a little sore so I took off my Chacos which was a vast improvement.

Here's pops!  Looking like a pro.


Back on land and giddy after three plus hours on the water.
What I loved about paddle boarding
1: A fantastic way to spend the day on the water
2: Great work out
3: You can break a sweat or just take a nap
4: Great way to spend time with people you love to hang out with.
5: Awesome family activity

Conclusion:  Give it a try.  If you want to try it and are in the Twin Cities area let me know.  


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