An early morning root canal

Name ten things you don't want to do first thing in the morning...

My list (not in any particular order) includes: 
1. Cook Dinner
2. Watch the news
3. Have a conversation with a member of the Latter Day Saints
4. Clean up cat vomit (or any vomit for that matter).
5. Be giddy (unless I'm leaving for a vacation but even then I usually find the most I can muster is a squinty eyed excitement).
6. Vaccum
7. Listen to House Music
8. Eat lettuce or any variation of it including Radacchio, Spinach, Romaine, Mixed Greens, etc.
9. Take a  hip hop dance class
10. Have a root canal...GAH!  I was right.  Avoid again at all cost!

But now that that's over I'm having a pretty good day. 

How's your day going?


  1. 1. an 11 hour work day
    2. change a flat tire in the dark in the rain
    3. step in then clean up cat puke
    4. finally, a big glass of wine
    Do we have a portal set up yet?

  2. 1. Exercise
    2. Hear my dogs bark
    3. Run into a morning person
    4. Make my lunch
    5. Drive
    6. See my OBGYN
    7. Hear Fox News (this is not really morning specific)
    8. Detassle
    9. Travel
    10. Wake up

  3. I don't like looking at sand without water.

  4. Ok so Anonymous, you got me with "step in then clean up cat puke." Much, much worse!

  5. Kali, what kind of Iowan are you? Not wanting to Detassle? Isn't that what living is all about?

  6. Mmmm... In the morning I hate to:

    1) be woken up at 5:18 by thick neighbor.
    2) be woken again at 5:56, by other thick neighbor, which is even more irritating since why try sleeping those last 4 mins before the alarm goes off?
    3) find when I fill my bowl that there are barely enough Honeycombs left to fill a large spoon.
    4) lose an argument with falling-apart computer when it refuses to admit that it remembers the comics website, and crashes from spite simply because it doesn’t like Doonesbury.
    5) be serenaded by the Hip-Hop-Top40 pounding out of every car leaving the complex.
    6) hear only crows cawing since the robins are still asleep, as robins don’t have thick neighbors. Apart from the crows.
    7) get stuck behind Slow-mo Joe poncing down the road at 20mph, who just happens to be taking the same route as me.
    8) turn around and drive back to the apartment because I forgot my glasses.
    9) get stuck behind Slow-mo Joes’ wife Jo, who also just happens to be taking the same route as me.
    10) show up at the office to find that the upstairs water heater had exploded, and your workspace has been completely trashed.

  7. Steve...I think you should just stay in bed!

  8. Paul Norman,

    I don't like that you're looking at sand instead of falling leaves. Come home soon.

  9. We don't even have trees. I did see some trees a week or so ago but they were not turning colors.

    Soon as I can lady.


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