I have struggled a bit with toys.  Kids tend to have a lot of them so by default so do their parents.  The best part about toys is that children love them.  The hard part about toys is that some of them are great but only in limited quantity, i.e., the toy key chain I gave Aasta that has six different sounds...all of them loud and fairly annoying.

I love this blog by a Geek Dad from Wired Magazine.  I have to agree with Jonathan but would like to also add 6.) A big tub of tupperware and 7.) A cat or other animal to chase around.

There is little better than watching my child get lost for hours with something I was going to recycle on Thursday.


  1. My friend Steve wrote this on the previous post by the same title. It went through a small revision but I wanted the comment to be posted again.

    I totally agree with GeekDad's list, apart from string, but I never really had a string thing. Sticks are class-A number one even now, followed closely by cardboard boxes (and sofa cushions to make a fort of). Oh, and anything you can dig up, salvage, or nick from a construction site, including but not limited to bits of copper pipe, bits of plastic pipe, bits of wood, and that wierd gooey black stuff that they stick in joints (and goes easily onto the end of sticks). I would also add rocks and creeks and anything smaller than your fist that either croaks, ribbits, squeaks, or goes "fzzzt". In fact, the only truly manufactured toy that was ever in a league with pretty much anything you can find in the natural world was Legos.

    Books are good, too. I spent yesterday searching for a good picture books for Aasta's birthday. But they were all pointed more at new readers. I can't wait until she's starting to read, so that I can get her all those classic children's stories like Alice and Peter Rabbit and such :)

  2. Steve,
    I couldn't agree more. Aasta will love any books, she's a bit of a reading fanatic! We read a lot to her so bring on the classics.

  3. I agree too! I babysat my grand-nephew last week. He had a bunch of new toys from his recent 1st birthday, yet he chose to sit in the empty laundry basket and try to "rock it." I then pulled him around in it and he giggled endlessly. Next, we headed to the tupperware cupboard! :)

  4. Love this, Lars. Lately, Anna has spent a lot of time wrapping up magnets from the fridge in dish towels. Gather, wrap, un-wrap, repeat...


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