Elf on a shelf?

What, pray tell, is an elf on a shelf?

Don't make fun of me.  I was out to dinner once with a couple and they mentioned a band that I didn't know about so I asked who they were.  Both of the individuals droped jaw and stared at me for a very long time then said, "Only, perhaps, one of the most up and coming bands of the decade."  I responded, "does it happen after seven, because if it does, I'm sleeping."

I still can't remember the name of the band but everyone keeps talking about an elf on a shelf, even how they use it to bribe their children into good behavior.  (Maybe they haven't heard of M & M's)

Help me out people, bring me into the loop, I'm floundering out here!!


  1. I'll take balloons for $600.

  2. Sara, you'll just have to go to Barnes and Noble and pick up a book and elf. I'm sure Aasta would love to have an elf come to your house.
    "Ted" arrived at Logan and Sam's last year and found a different place in their home each day to sit and watch. And he flew back from the North Pole again this year, about Dec. 1. I know an elf is spending Dec. at Grace, Jana and Wyatt's too, but I can't remember his name. We saw him last week when we were there - peeking out from behind a picture frame. You can talk to him, but you cannot touch him. Each night he flies back to Santa and reports what good children they have been. In the morning, he is in another place and has to be found.

  3. I think it's this: (http://elfontheshelf.com/AboutUs/TheTradition.aspx)

  4. DON'T DO IT!!!!! It's a marketing hoopla and will create more work for you!!!! It's an elf that you have to make do naughty things because it's entertaining and then he gives reports on your children to Santa, because if they are naughty they "won't get presents"... Yeah. Right. Who is not getting their kids gifts? Santa visited when I was 13 so I'm pretty sure anything goes :-)

  5. Thanks everybody. I kept hearing about this and was so curious.

  6. My son was freaked out by it, so our elf got returned to the store. I am a little relieved, actually.


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