People who are cool.

I know a lot of really amazing, sensational, brilliant, and generally stupendous people.  I'm lucky like that.

One of these particularly bravo individuals is my friend and neighbor Shaina.  I have mentioned her website Food for My Family in the past.  Well she has just finished a cookbook and it is, of course, fabulous.  I have had the privilege of trying a great many of these desserts.  Some because she used my oven to make them.  Others because she was being her normal generous self.  And yet others because she needed her jars cleaned out so she could make more fabulous desserts.  Needless to say you should pre-order it today on Amazon.


  1. Shaina is AWESOME!! and can I say I'm so jealous you get to live by her!

    I'm SO ordering her book!

  2. Seriously. I pretty much hit the jackpot in tbe neighbor dept. She's amazing. We pre-ordered a copy this weekend!

  3. I like you. Also, I have a lot of dessert to eat. I'll be over tomorrow.


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