Laziest of days

Yesterday was one of those days when I felt like I had all kinds of time with which I should be inspiringly productive.  Instead it took me three hours to go for a walk and two hours to figure out lunch and another two hours to actually make bath time happen.  

Do you ever have days when you don't do crap?  I have a lot of work to do so that isn't the problem.  My house is far from clean so it's not like I was sitting back enjoying my dizzyingly clean home.  Nope, the house is a wreck, I have work that's late, I'm pretty sure all my clean underwear have been chilling (literally) in the dryer for at least a week, and there are two rakes that have been laying in my yard since last weekend holding the last vestiges of leaves I raked up six days ago. 

On the plus side I started teaching Aasta how to do push-ups only to find out she prefers to sit on my back while I do them.  I made, perhaps, the most amazing peanut butter sandwich ever created. Oh, you want the recipe?  Here it is.  Take a piece of bread and put it on the counter.  Leave it there for at least 45 min while you stand in the office watching your daughter throw all of your pictures around.  Go back to the kitchen and act surprised to see the lonely piece of bread still sitting there.  Take out the peanut butter and unscrew the lid.  Run to your daughters bed room to find out why you heard the sound of paper tearing.  Resign defeat that she has now officially mutilated the really cute pop-up book she got when she was born.  Pick up all the random pieces of paper, throw her dirty clothes down the laundry shoot, change her diaper, collapse in the chair in her room and wait for her to get hungry enough to look up from her puzzle to say, "Mommy?  Food?"  

Then go back to the kitchen, slab a little peanut butter on the bread and serve at room temperature.  AMAZING!  I think there's something to the slow cooking that makes it particularly tasty. 
If you want, you can get really fancy and serve it with a sippy cup of milk but understand that this could take an additional hour. 

Hope someone did more than I did. 


  1. Your writing makes my heart happy and my head feel as if it's not alone in it's current state of haze. This is by far my biggest debate to date: be lazy and enjoy a menial day, or be productive and possibly, far less happy then the former. And THEN, what do I do with the guilt that inevitably ensues no matter my choice.

  2. Well my advice, though I loathe to receive
    it would be to be lazy and enjoy a menial day. Then take the guilt and tell it to kiss your lovely rested and restored ass!

  3. What I did was post to this once before but must not have twisted all the right knobs and wound the right levers. I said something challenge on menial day is preventing my mind from slopping around in menial thought--conversations had or wished to be had, lives I'd like to live, lists I'd like to be crossing off. All that keeps me from hearing rain on the window, my son's really cool new wolf howl, getting lost in memories of friends who live in MN.
    Gratitude for your blog girl, kelly


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