Baby clothing rant take 2!

Today my beef is with kids shoes.  Trying to find a decent, non-over-plasticated pair of fairly cute but not over-the-top frilly shoes for my daughter has been nearly impossible.  It seems the only kinds of shoes designed for little girls are pink and puke brown with purple flowers or Mary Janes.  Seriously.  Mary Janes.  There are only a few select anyones who look cute in Mary Janes.  Kids included.

That and the fact that a fairly nice pair of kids shoes are often upwards of $40.  I don't even like to pay $40 for my shoes.  It's why I'll spend years looking for the right pair of boots (ok so that's really because I'm mind blurringly indecisive and obsessed with the perfect combination of form AND function but that's an aside).

So after nearly months of searching for a pair of shoes with which she can run, get muddy, play in dirt, scrape along pavement, and pee on, what does my daughter wear 98% of the time?  Camouflage rain boots people!  Camouflage rain boots!


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