The Aliens (hypothetically of course) are coming!!!

Mike and I were sitting enjoying a slow cup of coffee this morning when we heard the impending sounds of an imminent Alien invasion.  Hold on, I have to back up.

First of all I don't believe in Aliens.  Not because I don't think they exist but because I have enough issues with humanity and don't at this point have the emotional capacity to include extra-terrestrial beings.  So when I say "Aliens" I'm speaking hypothetically at all times.

That said, however, I have seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind (CE3rdK) and I know an Alien invasion when I hear one. 

So this morning Mike and I were sitting enjoying a slow cup of coffee when we heard the impending sounds of an alien invasion.  What does this sound like?  It sounds like the note sequence played on CE3rdK when the military is trying to communicate with the space ship, that's how.  I thought everyone knew this. 

It went on for about 20 minutes which prompted me to call the non-emergency police line to ask them if they had heard of the invasion, which they hadn't, but seemed relieved to be informed.  This was followed up by my call being forwarded to the dispatcher.  Apparently the cops chased them away because the sounds stopped.  Or so I thought. 

I just heard them again!  I'm going to put water glasses all over my house, put on my tin foil hat, break out the keyboard, and wait. 

P.S.  If you don't know what I'm talking about rent CE3rdK and Signs. Both really good flicks about hypothetical Aliens.  I personally prefer the alien depiction in the first movie best but one can never be too prepared.  *Grin* On another note I can't believe I just posted a blog about Aliens (hypothecially, of course).


  1. I'm anticipating hearing that it turned out to be Aasti in the other room practicing on her toy keyboard... Of course me, having worked for unspecified organizations doing unspecified things that you never heard from me and must have imagined, know absolutely nothing about invasions, alien or otherwise. Hypothetically ;)

  2. I'm sort of scared to come home…

  3. You heard nothing. There are no such things as aliens. It was your imagination. Or the planet Venus. Or possibly swamp gas. Or gas from an upset stomach from supper. Or Mel Gibson's gas, which is generally a sign that his mouth is open. But not a sign that there are aliens. Which don't exist.
    -Agent Mulder


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