I went to pick up my car at our friends house this morning only to find out that the car had been broken into in the middle of the night.  There was nothing of real consequence in the car and the thieves were kind enough to not break my window or anything (I actually think I left the car unlocked, thankfully).  It seems it was a quick job and it appeared they went through every car on the street.

Inconveniently enough they did steal the ash tray/ coin collector with all my change in the car.  I keep a healthy number of quarters in there for emergency parking.  Of course they couldn't leave the tray and take the change, apparently they needed to take the tray too.  The only real stinker is that the key to my car rack was in the change tray.  Which is kind of funny because car racks are expensive and worth a pretty penny yet they took the key and left the rack.

Even though nothing important was stolen and I'm only out about five dollars in quarters, I feel strangely violated.  As I was driving home I couldn't help but think of some slimy person's mojo all over the car.  I think I'm going to open all the windows and smudge the whole interior with sage.

What's so broken that someone would steal my change?  Who's life is so broken that they would spend an entire night ransacking people's cars for, what?...quarters and an occasional ipod?  I hate broken.


  1. Sara:
    Beautiful blog. I am so happy I found it. (I hate broken too.)


    -Amy Kathleen

  2. Thanks Amy. I'm glad you found it too!


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