In desperate need of inspiration

So I've written ten new posts since I posted my last one and feel like the heat from January fried my brain and every creative, thoughtful, or insightful thought in my head.  

How do you get inspired?


  1. I'm in your same boat and at a loss for inspiration. But I have one thought. The very most inspired I've ever been was when I learned how to use photoshop elements at Learning one new thing sent me into a million different directions of inspiration: photography, blogging, crafty stuff etc...

    So maybe you need to pick up something completely brand new to you- like joining karate or buying some acrylic paints or joining a community ed class.

    As I type this, I am thinking about what I need to join now. I'm in your same IoncewascreativebutnowI'maMama funk.


  2. Given our brief discussion today, I think you should pull inspiration from everyday life and talk about color in terms of defining a gender… in that it doesn't. Maci got called a boy again. She was wearing white. WHITE. Apparently if a little baby girl is not in pink, she is not a girl. What happened to purple? Green? Orange? Why must I douse my child in Pepto? I like all colors as much as the next lad but something about pastel pink just makes me want to bring it over to my dogs to poop on… okay, that may be a bit much.


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