Morning Coffee on your Patio...

I woke up this morning at 6AM which would usually put me in a foul mood but today there was no chance of that.  The sun still hadn't peaked over the horizon but everything was kind of golden and morning-ish.  I brewed a pot of coffee, put a dish in the dishwasher, and parked myself outside on my crappy folding chair next to my rusted out patio table.

So this may seem random but sometimes I get hung up on really lame things like my deck being stained by years of fall leaves being frozen to the concrete. Or how no matter how many times I scrub it my front steps look like a patio reject project from an Intro to Masonry Class.  Or how no matter what I do my garage always looks like a Costco visit gone wrong.  My tendency to fixate on the imperfections in my home often deters me from just enjoying what actually is a pretty nice place. I think it's easier sometimes not to appreciate what we have then to enjoy what we have for what it is.

In a similar vein, my friend Shaina just posted a great blog about entertaining in small spaces where she aptly talked about not letting the size of your space deter you from blissing out with friends and family (see here, foodformyfamily).  So, in the spirit of home-lovin, this morning I would like to add to the bloggosphere a call for people to: Have Morning Coffee on your Patio Even if It's Made of shitty Concrete and your Patio Furniture Looks Like it Came Out of A Dumpster.

Here's to slow mornings, hot coffee, great conversation, and getting over myself.  


  1. I love morning coffee! this morning I was up at 5:50 with my new little doggie! his name is Bear! But getting up to hang out with him in the morning is way better than getting up and hanging out by myself. :)

  2. I liked that your digs has character (although shoveling show off the front stoop was an adventure). It's a good home, cosy and friendly, with lots of Aasta and Trygve running room in the backyard (and exactly the length of a cricket pitch). And I miss morning coffee with my buds! By comparison, in a similar vein, my deck is encrusted with 4th July firework carcasses. I think I'd rather have leaf-stains (heh)

    P.S. Thunder is heading your way...

  3. Sara this is such a true and great post! And relevant for me as you know how many house projects I'm working on. Coincidentally, today I sanded and spray painted a patio set from the 1960s. It is SO cute now (my chairs are a happy turquoise color) and now my cheapo little set brings me great joy!

  4. Thanks, Miss Sara. Too often I find I'm frustrated by all the things gone wrong in my house, the projects left unfinished or even untouched. Really, though, I'm always happier after I've seen people, and even the most rundown of rooms can make me smile...if the floors are clean. ;)

  5. HEJ, I can't believe you have a dog. YEAH for you!!! Any companionship at 5:30 in the morning is fabulous!

  6. Steve,
    I miss morning coffee with you too. I guess I'll take the rust stains. *grin*

  7. Kate,
    I've been thinking of you and your fun house projects. I have been hoping I would be inspired to start a few more. So far the only thing I've been inspired to do is go down for a nap with mini. I can't wait to see the patio set. Fun color. I envy daring color people!

  8. Shaina,
    *sigh* Seriously. It is too frustrating to even look at them most days but I echo you, if I can maneuver the floor without breaking myself or something else it's a good day.


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