Scythe no more...

I just spent the morning clearing cocklebur and burning weed from around my mom's bunk house.  I've been using an old school Scythe and have to admit that I feel pretty bad ass.  

The last time I really invested in scything was in 1996 in Montana.  For some reason, I think the program directors thought I liked to be masochistic, two of us on staff were dubbed the scythe-ers for the meadow.  The camp I was working at didn't have a big mower so my friend Tess and I were sent up the hill every Friday each with a scythe in hand where we mostly chased butterflies and occasionally cut the shoulder high grass.  

So I'm back at it.  My arms ache.  I can't really close my hands fully.  My forearms are burning and my shoulders feel like they are detached from my body...basically I'm in heaven.  


  1. So, more sort of "The not-so-much-grim-as-happy reaper"...


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