Now I'm begging

Ok, so I'm going to do it. I'm going to beg. My goal last year was to try and get up to fifty followers and I added one. That's right. One. I went from 31 to 32 (this is when you start to feel sorry for me, so much so that you rush to my site and immediately click on the link that says "follow" then fill in the blanks). You may wonder why I want you to follow me and the answer is simple. It boosts my ego. My ego took a nose dive recently and though it's on the upswing I'm unabashedly attempting to find alternative methods to help me feel good about myself. That, and I'm trying to get more traffic to the site to pursue other blogging endeavors. So there you have it. I'm on my hands and knees and would take a picture but it's just me and the cat so you're out of luck. Just words on a page folks. If I have to resort to groveling I will...


  1. I need a new bike. I hate mine. It absolutely blows. You have 36 followers now and a new look. When did that happen? I always read in my feed reader, which means I totally don't notice things like pretty bikes on your page.

  2. Up to 45! Almost there...


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