My new favorite Restaurant

My Godmother Lill introduced me to a new restaurant in the Linden Hills Neighborhood called Tilia.  It was also featured in this month's Minnesota Monthly (you have to subscribe to see that article but I've included another review from a MM reviewer). It's the perfect blend of simplicity, depth, and quality that I always want when I am lucky enough to go out.  This place feels rustic and romantic, the kind of place you could go with girlfriends for lunch, on a romantic date with your partner, or just out with friends for a beer or glass of wine.  I'm unabashedly plugging this place...I like it that much.

I also think it's important to give yourself little indulgences once in a while.  Whether it's dinner out, a massage, a long walk around a lake, or a pleasure drive some place new.  So here's to you.  Step out.  Do something fun.  Hopefully I'll see you out and about!


  1. We will meet you guys at Tilia ANY TIME you want. You name it, we are there. Yum and Yum.


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