I have issues...

For those of you who know me best you are probably keenly aware that I have some control and authority issues.  They aren't severe (I hope) but they exist all the same.  The biggest thing for me is that I really don't like being told what to do...by anyone...for any reason.  It's a little absurd.  Case in point.  I was coming up to a four-way stop the other day and stopped in perfect timing with a car on my left.  Now as everyone should know when you meet a car at a four way stop and you both stop at the same time the car to the right has the right of way.  Immediately upon stopping, however, the woman in the car to my left gave me a very curt "wave on" as a means to instruct me to go first.  Generally speaking, this is no big deal.  Right? Exactly.  I, however, turned it into a forty-five minute personal tirade (all of which took place silently in my own head, thankfully) that raised my blood pressure to border-line spontaneous combustion. I mean come on!  I KNEW I had the right of way.  I was perfectly aware of the basic rules of engagement for vehicular etiquette.   I didn't need some petty, pompous, snide, caddy, self-righteous, judgmental woman to wave ME on.  I'm a driving genius for crying out loud!! After I calmed down, ate a very large chunk of chocolate chip cookie dough, then sat in my kitchen and chuckled to myself.  I have issues.


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