Adventure, Theology, and Wood ticks!

I co-teach a class at Luther Seminary every year on Adventure Education and Theology.  The class is coming up in a couple weeks and I'm getting really excited.

I found this picture from a previous course so I had to post it here.  I co-teach with Paul Hill which is an amazing opportunity in and of itself.  But what I love most about this course is engaging the students in what I like to call "body learning."  We talk a lot during the course about brain development and theological development.  But the "other" thing that happens during the course is that students engage their bodies in the learning process. They touch, move, bump, trip, and even fall (safely of course) into what it means to think and talk about fear, safety, and faith.  It's AWESOME!

I just wanted to share my excitement with you. I'm hoping for warm weather and limited exposure to ticks.  But even if it's cold and there are lots of bugs you'll probably find me, somewhere in the woods, doing a little happy dance.


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