Taking Flight

Aasta has been doing this little number for some time now. What I love about it is that it looks like she's about to take off. I remember trying to imagine ways that I could fly when I was little. Aside from some of my brother's brighter ideas, like a "sweet bike jump" I stayed earth-locked.

A couple days ago I was flying to Dallas and sat next to two girlfriends on their way to Jamaica for a girls weekend. They were both giddy and couldn't stop talking the whole flight. The highlight for me, however, was during takeoff. As the plane began to accelerate the woman in the middle seat, closest to me, reached over and grabbed her girlfriends hand and said, "Lord, this is my favorite part. Hold on now...(as the nose of the plane began to rise) that's it, here it comes...(the wheels left the tarmac and we were airborne) and that my friend is what we call a miracle! Fat ladies flying, who ever heard of such a thing!"

I too was on my way to a girlfriend weekend. One of our traditions when we gather together is what we fondly refer to as "circle time." It's our time to really connect, to listen, and to speak our deepest truths and needs. After listening to each other for a little while I was, as I always am with these ladies, left breathless by the profound honesty and beauty in my midst. During a pause in the conversation I couldn't help but think that as I listen to these women speak I feel like I can fly.

What makes you take flight?


  1. What a sweet way to start my day! You brought me from out-loud laughter to tears in an instant. So thankful for great sisters and great girlfriends! You are both to me. xoxo

  2. Legal narcotics? No? Something more serious… hmmmm.

    Traveling. A GREAT book. Meeting a new fascinating person. I spot a theme… something or someone that takes me somewhere else for a while where I get to experience life beyond my own.


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