Snail Mail

My girlfriend Julie sent me a snail mail letter this week. It made my day. I miss letters, stamps, envelopes, and handwriting. I've been working on my response and am realizing how out of practice I am in writing letters. I'm so used to typing whether via e-mail, my blog, or text messages. When I put a pen in my hand I have to take a moment and remember how the process works. There's something about the weight of a perfect pen, the clarity of a crisp white piece of paper, and the process of deeply considering my words before putting pen to paper. It feels a little holy. Almost like an artistic expression. I wish snail mail would make a comeback. I don't mind getting e-mails, and I really don't like facebook but appreciate that it has connected me to a few precious friends, but what I really want is more letters with less than perfect handwriting and words crossed out. I want to touch what others have touched and feel closer to them as a result. Maybe we can create a snail mail revolution. I better go by a bunch of forever stamps just in case.


  1. I find myself now motivated to go out and purchase proper paper...

  2. I also have no proper paper. But I have a friend who only sends me snail mail... I always love it but I'm so bad at writing her back that I wish we could connect in other ways too. You have inspired me to consider I may be too annoyed and to re engage with the pen...


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