A warming trend

Say what you will or wont about climate change, all I can say is that it isn't 100 degrees below zero today and that makes me happy. I took Aasta out cross-country skiing and actually enjoyed it. About a week ago I tried to take her for a walk to Rainbow Foods (sum total of 5ish blocks) and ended up turning around by Wally's house (100ft). It was so cold that the tip of my nose actually started to zing. Yep, zing. If you don't know what that feels like I'm not sure how to explain it...actually if you've ever had your teeth whitened the feeling is similar...sort of a painful high-pitched twinge-o-yuck. I had Aasta so layered she couldn't put her arms down further that a 45 degree angle. There was no suffocation-less way that I couldn't really cover her face so I turned around and came home.

Today though it's a balmy 20ish degrees and I'm in heaven. My neighbor Julie stopped to say hi with her teeny little heel-biter, aka a "dog" and asked if this was a sign of spring. Since Winter Solstice was just Dec 21st, I'm not sure I'm that optimistic but I will say that Paul Huttner told me via MPR this morning that we start getting three more minutes of sun per day now. Yippee!!! "This is my island in the sun!"


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