My front lawn

The tree in my front lawn has shed almost all of her leaves this past week. I'm sad to see them go but also excited to have the sun back in my living room. Mike decided to do a little photo shoot of peanut before we mowed and bagged all the leaves away.

I have grown to love my front lawn more and more the longer I live here. In the first warm days of spring our neighbors often congregate on the mushy grass and stand in t-shirts and flip flops in an effort to shed the long days of winter.

All summer long we stop and chat under the shade of my great big tree.

Then fall comes and again we gather each time the sun peaks out and threatens to be the last sweet day before the snow flies. It reminds me of what people used to do when everyone had a front porch. Since we only have a concrete stoop, only recently relieved of it's hideous astro turf covering, the front lawn becomes the default front porch but I'm okay with it. It means soft earth, prickly grass, and crunching leaves in between my toes.


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