It smells like mini donuts!

We went to an apple farm yesterday. It was a perfect fall day and we took lots of pictures of Aasta playing in the pumpkins. The farm had an amazing gift/retail store as well where they offered a cadre of amazing applishiousness. From almost anywhere on the farm you could smell the sweet fragrance of apple pie, turnovers, and donuts being made.
As we were checking out a woman behind us asked the cashier point blank, "Where are the mini donuts?" To which the cashier replied, "We've never had mini donuts." The woman, obviously not satisfied with this answer says, "My son smelled mini donuts, are they up here or back in the store?" Another woman listening in piped in and said, "Did you see the regular donuts? They are back in the store." The first woman then responded, "No, I'm looking for the mini donuts. My son said he smelled mini donuts. What is he smelling if it's not mini donuts?" To which I responded, "Umm, maybe the donuts?"
Unless of course mini donuts smell differently, then we've all been played for fools and I want my mini donuts.


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