A Thursday Resolution

Recently I realized how often I am exceedingly self-depricating.  Today being Thursday I decided there is no better time to begin a new resolution.  This resolution is for one week.  For this next week, I'm going to try my best not to slam, degrade, defame, insult, crap-on, or otherwise be mean to myself.  In the past couple weeks I have been struck by how common-place it is for women to say the most horrible things about themselves...and then I noticed that I do it too.   What the hell?  I don't hate myself.  I'm not fat. I'm not ugly. I'm not repulsive. I don't look bad in my pants. Even if I have a little belly who gives a flying monkey. My hair isn't too straight or too curly. I have a few gray hairs, big whoop, I'm not 22. I'm not lame. I'm not stupid. I'm not a whole lot of terrible things so why would I say I am.  Plus, even if I'm having one of those days where I feel in any way like any of the above listed it doesn't help me or anyone else to say so.  Truth is, it's demeaning and, I'm speaking for women here, we need to knock it off.

For one week I'm not going to and I'm going to see how it goes because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggonnit, people like me!  And now he's our Senator!  WOOT! (oh, and If you don't like him keep it to yourself, I don't want to hear about it!)

A little context here, this rant has been prompted because I have a little girl and I think about the things I want her to hear spoken by me and all the amazing women in her life.  She shouldn't hear talented, beautiful, smart, witty, funny, kind, and loving women saying crap about themselves that isn't true just because we've somehow decided this kind of (Pardon me) Bullshit lingo makes us seem somehow socially humble enough to warrant any kind of praise or compliment because then she'll learn that she's supposed to think that way to.  And that's just stupid.  

Here's to a week of saying,"enough already."  


  1. Yes! You rock, Larson. You know you rock, know so many others who think you rock, and even when you forget you rock, you still rock! Woot!


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