A working theory.

Toy? Humbug!
So I've had a working theory for a while now that goes something like this: Toys seem silly.  That's it really.  To test this theory I often put Aasta down with a bunch of toys just to see how well she'll respond.  Today I gave her an entire basket of toys which has been sitting here for about half an hour.  What has Aasta been playing with, you ask?  Well, she's been playing with my pick of the week card from Starbucks and my nanny schedule on a random piece of paper.  Oh, wait for it...she's moving toward the toys now...Ah! Nope!  The diaper cream it is!!!
Toys, silly really.


  1. The decline of Western Incivilization can be directly traced to the prolifigation of toys. It wasn't the creation of the Military-Industrial-Security state in 1953, it was PONG people! PONG! Ahhhhhh! Bleep-blip-bloop...

    Oh for the good ol' days of empty cardboard boxes, a stick, and the fallen-down tree over by the creek.

    (This rant was brought to you by your friends at the Neo-Luddite Council for Aesthetic Deletions)

  2. So true. The cardboard boxes Jedd brought home for the girls are still the thing they play with/in most often. And they still love water play in the tub. :)


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