Strength of Will

This morning I am embroiled in what is sure to be one of many battles of wits between my daughter and I. They are keenly tiring but I believe well worth the effort.  I hope I can raise a strong, independent, sure-footed woman but in order to do that I think I may have to teach her the art of appropriate stubbornness and well-placed obstinence.  I have blatant stubbornness and often ill-placed obstinence down so now I'm going to have to figure out how to instill a little graceful give and take. My husband readily informs me (usually while smiling) that I am the most stubborn person he has ever met.  This serves me well when renting cars and trying to get free upgrades on airline tickets but not always so well when navigating the art of disagreement with ones loved ones...I'm a work in progress.

That said, the screaming just ceased and lil' half shell is back to sleep.  So in this battle of wits I guess I won, no...that feels wrong.  It wasn't a contest, per se, more a test at to see who, this morning at 7AM, was in charge.

That'd be me *grin*


  1. good for you! Just wait, my little one who is 9 and full of her own opinions, stubborn streak, and will is a daily challenge in what you describe. I want her to stand her ground but... well I want her to respect mine too! She told me this morning that she has NO privacy and that she wants to go to boarding school--I tried to reason with her that there would not be privacy at boarding school and that probably in a 4000 sq ft house she could find some type of privacy. Then her brother offered to move to this little space under the stairs so she could have the bedroom to herself.... I wonder what he is learning in all this??? :-)


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