My mom was here this weekend and left this afternoon.  I'm sad to have her gone.  My mom and I have always had what I would call a positive and healthy relationship.  I respect her oodles, she loves me and tolerates all the worst parts about much so she maybe even finds them a bit endearing.  Needless to say I luck out in this relationship.  She came for the weekend to partake in the great Minnesota Gathering, aka the State Fair.  Mike, baby, Mom and I headed out on Friday for some blatant over eating and people watching.  We ate, and, well...we ate.  I guess that's pretty much all I do at the fair. But it tastes good so no apologies from me.  

Unfortunately the lil squirt was sick. She has been all week.  This one was a doozie though.  We have had runny nose, sneezing, wheezing, fever, aches, explosive boogers, booger bubbles, and a really wretched cough.  It's been an awesome week.  Back to my mom.  Whilst the wee was ill I noticed how desperately she wanted to be with me, almost every minute of the day and night and I couldn't help but remember what it was like to be little and sick.  Stink, what it's like to be old and sick.  Truth is, no one does sick better than mom.  They hold you just right, rub all the right spots, say all the right things, and look at you in just the right way... you know, the look that says,"I know you are desperately miserable right now and that's ok, mama's here."  So having my mom come when my little one was sick felt kind of special.  Almost like she came to take care of me too.  

I could write a thousand posts about my mom.  I guess that means I won't run out of stuff to write about.  For now though, thanks for coming to see us mom.  We miss you already. 


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