Particular things

A couple of days ago I was driving close to home about to approach an intersection.  I slowed gradually to a stop and looked off to my left.  There I saw to young men's heads bounding in rhythmic time while staying equi-distant from one another over a hedge.  It appeared as if they were kind of floating except their heads would disappear behind the hedge then magically reappear at the exact same time slightly closer to the intersection.  Needless to say I had to wait and see what was going on.  I waited only another few moments when two young men, probably in their late teens, appeared each on their own skateboard carrying a patio screen door.   As they continued on their way I grinned and thought it a slightly strange sight but nothing so bizarre as to warrant a blog post.  Until...

...three days later I was coming from the other direction and saw the same two guys with the same screen traveling back the other direction.  Odd...I thought.  But then reason took over and I decided it made perfect sense.  These two guys probably did their mom a favor skating the screen to our local ACE hardware for repair.  Three days later the repair was complete and they were thoughtfully skating it home.  Only...

...later that same evening, I was returning home from an emergency diaper run when I saw the same to guys with the same screen door traveling in a completely different direction on a completely different street.  Now that's just plain interesting.


  1. Ahh, it begins with the "safe" screen doors, but soon they'll be carrying the hard stuff: sliding glass, garage doors, aircraft farings...

    btw: how come the visual changes?

  2. Aircraft farings...who the hell mentions aircraft farings. I love you, you crack me up!


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