Particular Things Take 2

Running to get some eggs yesterday I ran quickly to our local Rainbow.  While I was meandering about the produce aisle I thought I heard organ music, the kind you hear at a baseball game.  I thought little of it imagining it was a Twins add over the radio.  On my way past the bread, I heard it again and looked around to see if anyone else noticed.  No one seemed phased so I continued toward the dairy section.  Only minutes later as I was passing the cold cuts section I swore I heard an organ again so I looked at a the lady approaching me to see if there was any glimmer of this recognition of oddity in her expression and found none whereupon I decided my mind was either playing tricks on me or I had officially passed into the netherworld of the stadium psychophrenia.  I picked up my eggs, went and stared longingly at the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, exercised self-control and walked past making my way to the check out counter.

I quickly decided self-control is something reserved for people who get sleep, don't have to walk for two and a half hours to get their babies to nap, and don't hear random organ music while buying eggs, turned heel and picked up a pint of Half Baked Ice Cream (it seemed fitting) then returned to my place in the Self Check-out Aisle.  That's when I heard it again...organ music.  I looked everywhere and couldn't figure out where it was coming from but sure as I was holding 1200 calories in my left hand there was organ music coming from someplace.

I checked out, baffled at my inability to find the source of the tunes and exited the store only to walk directly into a 6ft 4in gray haired grinning man pounding away on an organ!  He was smiling so contagiously I couldn't even remember my initial reaction which was, "WEIRD!"  At that moment, I decided I love my neighborhood even more than I previously thought.  Let's be real, when was the last time you went to buy eggs and were serenaded by an organ?


  1. This made my day, 'cause I can tolly see you wandering through Rainbow, furtively clutching a pint of nosh, a bemused expression on your face. Have I told you lately that you rock? :)

  2. You mean everyone doesn't have an organ playing at their local Rainbow? I'm never moving.


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