Stuff I think I said but never spoke out loud.

I do this very strange thing where I will be having a conversation (usually with my hubby) and think I have said something but really I've only thought I said it then I get mad or frustrated when I perceive that the other person wasn't listening.  It's a most bizarre trait...

It happened just last night.  Mike asked me, "Are you going to eat the leftover Chinese?" I heard him and I responded with, "I'm not going to eat it." Only I didn't say it, I just kept staring at the Tupperware basket looking for a bowl to put our spaghetti leftovers in.  The best part is that Shawn, our neighbor, was standing right next to me as I didn't say it.  So, when Mike said, "I guess she's just ignoring me." I said (audibly this time) "I'm not ignoring you, I said I wasn't going to eat them."  Mike and I then proceeded to "argue" over whether or not I actually responded or just though I responded. Shawn just stared at me like I was nuts!

So add excessive sleep deprivation into the equation and there are about fifty conversations I think I've had but apparently have never spoken out loud.  It makes for a very confusing existence...particularly when I'm relaying what I thought was a exceedingly intriguing portion of a conversation to the person I thought I had talked to and they have no idea what I'm talking about. 

For all of you who will probably be the recipients of said non-communication, I apologize in advance and promise that I had made some very intellectual points and that I was very, very, funny.


  1. Shawn probably looked at you and thought… "She's just like Kali. I'm soooooo used to this. At least we're not alone."

  2. Yeah! It's not only me! But the opposite happened to Rob and I last night where he insists that I said something to him that I most certainly did NOT! :-)

  3. This is an amusing quirk (for the audience). I think I'm going to integrate it into a new character (hilarity ensues). Me, I have an asymmetric but analagous problem: I say things without realizing it, then wish I hadn't...

  4. I've done something similar plenty of times. I'll have a conversation, so to speak, going on in my head and then say something to Andy. I expect him to respond only he has no clue what I'm saying because he wasn't privy to the thoughts. Now, he just jokes and says I need to catch him up. You're definitely not alone!


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