I love dancing...and wish I hadn't spent so many years thinking I didn't like dancing.  I was missing dancing lately then along came Aasta and suddenly I find myself dancing again.  I just put her down for a nap to the Wailin' Jenny's.  It took about three songs but I couldn't help but feel a little blissful, even as she was whining, rubbing her eyes, and tugging at her ears.  Halfway through the third song I looked down and she was fast asleep with one finger in her ear and another hand in her mouth.  SUCCESS!!!

But I kept dancing anyway. 


  1. You just took me back! Sophia LOVED when I danced with her and I too felt like I learned to love to dance again when I had her. John is the one who will dance with me now. There definitely needs to me more dancing in life.

  2. Love reading this blog! Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us.


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