Adventures in Sweating

I have this thing where no matter how hot it gets I won't complain.  I used to love cold weather but I don't as much anymore.  I still love snow, and big sweaters, and boots but I don't like frigid cold where no matter what I do my hands feel like icicles and my feet turn blue.  Because I live in MN where in our own twisted and maniacal way we like to define ourselves by how inhumanly cold it can get here, I have sworn to never complain when it is hot.  Like's 95 degrees outside.  But I'm not going to complain.  As a matter of fact, I kind of dig it.  I went out this morning to take Aasta for a long walk (so she would nap) and I absolutely reveled in the heat.  Granted, at that point it was only about 80 but it still felt amazing.  Then I came home and played in my garden and blissfully dripped until Aasta woke up about two hours later.

I don't know if this is going to be a theme for the summer.  It is still only May and I like to think there are a couple really cold days still in store for us just so I can appreciate the heat much deeper into Summer.  However, even if this is a scorching hot summer and the lot of us are pining for October weather in July, I'll throw on my sun hat, a sundress, and some flip flops and set out for more gooey goodness in the great sweltering outdoors.


  1. As much as I like the cold and the wearing of fleece, I was the guy on the same day thinking "maybe I should go for a run when it is really hot?"... and I did. I'll take ninety any day.



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