A Royal Heiny Handling

I've been working with a personal trainer for the past two weeks and yesterday I received what I am formally calling a Royal Heiny Handling.  That's right, I got my ass kicked.  I would have just said that at first but I'm trying on a new persona where I don't swear as much.  That's a topic for another post.  Anyhoo...after having Aasta I knew I would need a little extra motivation to get into shape.  Hence the personal trainer.  A title which, by the way, is grossly misleading.  A personal trainer sounds like a personal motivational speaker which would be beneficial but hardly adequate for what I just went through. 

This whole concept of being in shape in an interesting one.  I know there is a theory among some that what really matters is on the inside.  Now I don't disagree entirely, just mostly.  It's true, integrity, compassion, and generosity are traits that I hope are a point of focus as we meander through our lives.  But our bodies matter too.  And I think that as women, when we feel good in our skin, not just pretty or attractive but really at home in our bodies, a lot of other things fall into place.  (*Disclaimer* I'm in no way saying this isn't true for men, I just have no idea.)

This is also a far cry from attempting to somehow have a body you just don't have.  For example, I have a nice figure but if I tried to look like Cameron Diaz, I'd be in for a long slow and steady disappointment.  There is something profoundly empowering in trusting your body.  Feeling its strength, and capability and knowing that you can count on it to get you through a myriad of life's challenges and adventures.  So, in the wake of this recent imperial tush trashing, I'm sore as can be but I am excited to regain my strength...after I figure out how to bend down far enough to pick up my daughter.


  1. OMG. Sarah, i did the same thing. i was doing really good, running and walking. then i got a personal trainer and was too sore to do any cardio. the afton got sick and i ended up ingesting more caffine and sugar than anticipated. i looked at it as more of a class that i could learn from whenever i am ready for it. and btw, cameron diaz's body is simply an act of God and genetics. of which i lack that latter. -kressa

  2. I've been struggling with this a bit lately. I was in good shape and starting feeling 'at home in my body'... but that was fleeting. I have not any inkling to look like Diez... but a Larson figure would rock my world :-) I'm working on not being disappointed in doing a lot of work with little result... your words are encouraging :-)


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