Perfect Morning

Today is a perfect morning.  The kind when you wake up and the sun is just at the height where all the shadows seem to be straight out of a National Geographic magazine.  It's about 65 degrees outside, the perfect temperature and I'm in no hurry.

I wish every week there could at least be one perfect morning.  I wouldn't want them all the time or I would forget they are perfect.  Spring is in full bloom, the leaves aren't out yet but everything is budding.  The grass is greening, and my back yard smells thick and earthy.  I walked outside for a bit, barefoot, and just rubbed my feet in the grass.  Now, thanks to the rain yesterday, my feet are a little muddy and my shower has been perfectly negated for the rest of the day. 

I think today I'll try and lay a blanket down on my bumpy back yard and remember what it feels like to look at clouds.


  1. I had been missing your writing and was going to even tell you so yesterday but didn't - a new mom doesn't need any added pressure. So thanks for sharing your morning moments with me.
    Love you!

  2. Brigit say not to forget to let Trygve out with you! :D

  3. Dearest Brigit,
    Trygve is out even still, even though it's pouring outside!

  4. I echo what Annika said. It brightened my day to read your post this morning.


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