Visions and Dreams

It has been nine weeks since giving birth, eleven months since learning I'm going to give birth and thirty-five months since determining that the concept of giving birth seemed like a good idea.  Now what?

I keep thinking I'm supposed to have this grand plan that will make the rest of my life make sense and guide it ever gracefully into place.  But I have no grand plan, just some elusive but tantalizing visions and some very long standing dreams.

I'm an adventurer at heart.  I don't feel completely settled unless I'm moving, preferably through the wilderness somewhere.   I'm not a hard core adventurer either, just one who prefers ambling through wilderness over concrete and pavement.  So how do I now be who I am and be all of the things this new role offers and demands of me? 

For example, some of my life long dreams include: Trekking in Mongolia, sailing the Greek Islands, and parts of the Caribbean, learning to surf in Costa Rica, biking through Ireland and Scotland, hiking the entire length of the Superior Hiking Trail, taking a month long trip in the Boundary Waters, living someplace warm, teaching at a Folk School in Norway, spending a season helping my cousins at their apple orchard in Norway, kayaking the Norwegian Fjords, ice climbing in Ouray Colorado, Rafting down the Snake River in Idaho and the mention a few.

Some of my visions include things like building a fort in my backyard with Aasta, dancing naked under moonlight, dancing with my husband in my living room, dancing with my girlfriends...anywhere, watching my daughter discover chocolate, ice cream, and rain puddles, watching my husband love on our daughter, more kids, camping in my backyard, playing "mission impossible" with my kids while trying to move undetected to my neighbors back yards, entire days in the woods, nights by lakes and rivers, naps in the sun...and such 

At the core of me I know I would be doing Aasta a disservice if I didn't chase these things. But I think I'm going to have to re-learn how.  What are your dreams and visions?  How do you chase them and if you don't when are you going to start?


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