As usual, too much time has passed since my last post. Some may say "Sara, relax! You just gave birth to your first baby." But alas, no, this is no excuse...ok, maybe it's a little bit of a good excuse.

As a tribute to my new status as mom-of-gorgeous-spawn, I have decided my new name is Sporadicus. There are a couple of reasons for this new prestigious title. The first is the new found sporadic nature of my every moments existence. The second is the sporadic nature in which I have come to realize my new found existence. And the third is the my sporadic capacity to deal with my newly acquired lot in life.

I love being a mom, sometimes. I love being able to be home to take care of my lil' legume, sometimes. I love sitting here in my office listening to her coo and watching her drool but don't ask me how I feel about the perpetual cooing, oh, and snoring, at three in the morning. So even the loves of my life feel sporadic. I keep hoping this is normal. But then again, I just looked down and discovered my shirts are on backwards and have been all day so screw normal...my capacity to effectively get dressed in the morning seems to be questionable. Of course I'm still waiting to answer the door after having forgotten to pull down my shirt from breastfeeding but I'm confident this too shall come to pass.

Still there's something blissfull in all this randomness...I sleep at all hours of the day. I eat whenever I feel like it. I wear really funky clothing combinations trying to find anything that will fit over my buxom chest and my still ever-shrinking waistline. I stare at my daughter for hours and don't feel like I've missed a thing. Sporadicus it is...I think I'll make a cape.


  1. I love, love, love reading your entries, Lars, and just giggle thinking about you answering the door with your bosoms showing.

    Sending love, dear Sporadicus....



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