So I'm running a camp in Northern Minnesota these days. Sorry I've been MIA but I am delighted to say there isn't even a semblance of modern technology up there. With the exception, of course, of the genetically modified mosquitoes that I have come to fondly refer to as the North Woods Teradactyl Municipality.

I'm home for the weekend and decided I would write in and touch base. After leaving the cooling effects of Lake Superior I was struck by the shift in weather as I drove further and further south. The air seemed to ebb ever thicker the closer to The Cities I drove. With the heat the comfort level in my vehicle plummeted and I debated closing my windows and turning on the AC. It was then that I recalled, only a couple months earlier, bitching profusely about how sick and tired I was of being cold. With that recollection at the forefront of my mind, I opted to slap on another layer of sunscreen, open my sunroof, crank my music and drip all the way home.

As I molted ever closer towards my house I couldn't help but ponder how easy it is to be comfortable...all the time. I can always adjust the temperature in my house or my car. I can, for the most part, expect to be blasted by gusts of cold air every time I enter a store once the thermometer peeks it's little head over 70 degrees. Heck, I can even control the humidity level in my house. I don't ever have to be uncomfortable.

Except sometimes I really like it. Sometimes I really enjoy being hot and sticky and dirty. Sometimes I relish the feeling of being in a space that's foreign and unfamiliar. I live for moments when I'm at the mercy of the natural world (albeit often with DEET in hand). I love when the dew point hits 70% and the only thing I can do is stand in my back yard and let a little pool collect in my Crocs while holding a sprinkler in one hand and a tall glass of iced tea in the other.

I guess that's why I live where I do and for that matter, why I do what I that once in a while I can let humidification take over so I able to accept the fact that I'm really not in control of much of anything.


  1. I'm so glad you blogged again. I'm a daily checker...always wondering what you're up to. We pulled off summer camp last week with a heat index of 112 most days. And we were sweating. Nebraska humidity is really something. I think you could stay hydrated by simply gulping the air. The weather led to lots of waterfights, gatorade and time in the shade as we let the humidification take over. Miss you, friend.


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