What to do instead of getting bored.

I was pretty young when I came up to my mom, who was doing something in the kitchen, and said,"I'm bored." I'm pretty sure she threatened me with a cadre of options to ease my boredom but what I really remember was her saying, "well that's your own fault."

The other day I was sitting in my house with a list three miles long of stuff I'm behind on when I was struck by a similar feeling, I was bored! (Albeit in a passively-procrastinating-kind-of-way). I don't really believe in boredom, I think my mom's comment stuck. So I decided to make a list of things to do instead of getting bored. I thought I'd share it. I'd love other ideas to add to my list.

1.) Write a list about something
2.) Write letters to old friends, because let's face it...the technological age is great but there's nothing like a letter.
3.) Lift Weights, or children if you have them. I tried lifting my cat Trygve, he wasn't a huge fan, still, you get my drift.
4.) Re-ignite old "cool" sayings like "you get my drift."
5.) Go kayaking
6.) Play my guitar
7.) Paint a room in my house
8.) Journal
9.) Write a book.
10.) Plan a really crazy trip, right down to confirming the payment on your credit cart. Unless you can afford it then just go for it. And for those of us who really can't afford it, please make sure you don't hit the "ACCEPT" button. But if you do, I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time.
11.) Learn how to surf. Yes I live in Minnesota. But lets face it, if I could, I wouldn't be bored.
12.) Take a long walk wearing Lederhosen with bright socks. Or if you don't have lederhosen just pull your socks up over your jeans. It looks just as good.
13.) Visit my neighbors Wally or Bernice who are in their eighties and live alone.
14.) Put on a lot of clothes and lay out on the back porch pretending it's summer and you're hot.
15.) Take dance lessons.

I think that's enough for now. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!
Live loud!


  1. Yes! Dance lessons! Will you be my partner? I would have to go to extreme measures to get Jedd to take lessons. Blast.
    Here's one for your list: Buy some finger paints or water colors (if you don't already have them) and ignite your artsy side. Even if it's artsy-fartsy.

  2. 16.) Find a new loveseat or chair from Craigslist for your neighbors with the infamous dog.

  3. Kali, I'll find you a chair. You can have ours so Shawn doesn't have to come all the way over here to fall off of them.

    It's been a while since I've been bored because I always have something to do...even if it's all stuff I'd rather not do. So, add to your list: 17.) Walk across the street and see if Shaina has a list for you to tackle. Just kidding...(sort of).


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