I took this picture on vacation this year in Mexico. We were at a small lagoon, near Akumal. We went early in the morning to avoid crowds and because, as much as I am sorely sad to admit, fish freak me out and I didn't want to embarrass my husband or his parents. (I scream like a little girl when they come close to me.) Don't judge me.

So we went early, we enjoyed the lagoon but while we were there I noticed that the gardens surrounding the lagoon were "littered" with these breathtaking sculptures. I couldn't find any information on the artist but this one was my favorite. She took my breath away. We came back later in the evening to take pictures and I disappeared into a trance as I padded my way through thick underbrush in search of the next surprising and delectable figure. I can still feel the heavy water laden air on my skin, and smell the salt in my hair. The sun set as I wandered, and the air slinked into chilly without me even being aware. As we drove home that night I couldn't help but wonder what little part of me I left there, and what little space in me would always feel different as a result of that visit. I don't have an answer yet but I do have this picture.


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