This is me

Contemplating where I left my car keys
Thanks for stopping by.  I'm excited you are here. In spite of the fact that I, like many other women, suffer from a pervasive belief that people don't give two hoots what I have to say, I've decided to fire this baby back up.   As before, I know writing here is not about me having any divine wisdom to impart.  It's a sharing of my thoughts, ramblings, rants, and dreams.  We all have something useful to say and this massive "bloggosphere" proves, there are so many sensational, interesting, intriguing, intelligent, and weird people out there.  How fun to occupy a teensy little space in the vast technological presence.
So this is me.

I'm Sara Larson the "voice" behind the irreverent random-ness that is often Journeon.  I work from home (or at least try to) and am ultimately hoping, as my dear friend Kali likes to say, "to figure out how to get paid to be me."  Needless to say, to that effect I am broke. 

So you've found me.  Come back often and tell me your thoughts.  I'm excited to hear about you and your world.  I love feedback but fyi, if you're mean I'll delete you, I don't have time for mean.

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