A day by the river

I just got back from a short work/pleasure trip to Colorado.  Tickets were cheap and it was the perfect time to get out of MN for a couple days to take care of some business and to spend a little quality time with my cousin.

On Monday morning after an amazingly yummy breakfast at Snooze in Ft Collins the sky looked ominous but we decided to head up the Poudre River anyway.  It was a good decision because in spite of being rather chilly the sun came out and we cozied into our regular spot at a bend in the river.

The river was high but not crazy.  Some rafters were training for the summer season.  We even spied a few kayakers (that I eyed jealously).

Aasta had a blast.  She spent her time trying to figure out how to walk on the rocky terrain and throwing rocks in the river.  She and Chris spent a good twenty minutes throwing dried pine needles into the river and waving goodbye to each one.  Aasta even got to bury her nose in the thick heady scent of the Ponderosa Pine.  She got a little sap on her nose but thanks to a peanut butter covered sweet potato pancake later in the day that vanished without any scrubbing.

Needless to say it was a perfect day.


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