Costa Rica Surfing

For years I have dreamed of going to Costa Rica to learn how to surf.  When I was somewhere between 16-18 I said I wanted to figure out a way to get paid to backpack, and I figured that out so now it's time to make this happen.  February 2012, I will be offering a trip for women (sorry dudes) to Costa Rica to raft the Pacuare River, play in some Hot Springs, practice Yoga, and learn to surf.  Who's coming with me?


  1. I think you need a photographer on your trip. Pretty sure. Or a food person. Or your fantastic neighbor.

  2. Shaina,
    Can't disagree with that one.

  3. Are teachers with 3 personal days invited :)
    Miss you!!!

  4. As long as you promise I won't drowned I am in.

  5. (I'm legally obligated to say...)No promises but I am pretty stinking confident.


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